Elaine Sherwood at Harbourside Markets

In the early days, three of us used to meet together at the Jetty Foreshores, on a Saturday afternoon once a month, with a Thermos of coffee and high hopes.

Despite publicising this amazing event in the local paper we didn’t seem to attract any new members!  

I went away traveling for a while and when I returned I found other people had joined the now expanded group, meeting at the Coffs Botanic Gardens.  

People come, people go, some stay, some remain real stalwarts weathering storms, while some simply drift in and out. I’m one of those drifters who wander around for a while but always seem to return to the fold. Or should I say my tribe!

I think we all try to find our tribe. Mine seems to be the Greens as it’s an ethical political party motivated by issues of social justice and care of the environment.

Being a member of the Coffs Harbour Greens is one way we can contribute to the welfare of people and the planet, both at a national and local level. There’s room for everyone  – some space for all talents which may be simply offering support.

This support takes many forms: attending monthly meetings, helping at fundraising and social events, rallies involving many issues, information events, market stalls, donating money and lots of  jobs around election time. There is no pressure while everyone’s contribution is appreciated. 

Under Jonathan Cassell as Convener, the Coffs Harbour Greens are really powering ahead. This new website is evidence of our local community coming together to make Coffs Harbour a great place to live. 

Our monthly meetings are not only business oriented, but also social, held on Saturday afternoons. But we no longer take along our own Thermos of coffee, we enjoy Espresso Coffee at Shearwater by Coffs Creek.  Hope to see you there!

Personal account written by Elaine Sherwood April 2021


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