We all can preserve the common wealth of the marine environment and in doing so conserve it for the future

Development is a risk

The environmental risks associated with current housing and agricultural development including land clearing, increased pollution and habitat loss will impact the long term health of the marine environment. Current rates of development and industrialisation along the coastal fringe is unsustainable yet the drive for economic growth and techological efficiencies leads to land-use conflicts between a range of landholders and concerned citizens. The current planning and environmental laws are failing to build consensus amongst stakeholders. So we need to assess all risks and threats to our local marine environment and then plan our developments in accordance with ecological principles.

Gone Fishing!

The NSW Greens believe in sustainable recreational and commercial fishing in marine areas other than no-take sanctuary zones. Marine Parks provide a sea-based conservation management system that is best placed with current scientific knowledge to protect fish species from over-fishing. Some argue that zones could be more fluid targeting specific species such as pelagic fish and bag numbers should be reduced to open up no-take zones to allow for greater fishing opportunities. While these arguments may have merit, the increasing population on the Coffs Coast needs careful planning and further research. We should all be able to enjoy fishing without reducing future generations chance to do the same!

End Marine Pollution

Coffs Harbour LGA has more responsibility than most because of our proximity to the ocean. Our streets, road and highway create storm water run off that transports plastic pollution rapidly into the marine environment. The plastics then breakdown into smaller sized plastics that are then eaten by animals such as birds and fish. Humans then consume larger fish species that have consumed fish that have eaten plastic, and sometimes lots of it. The plastic also washes up on our beaches making the crisis plain to see. We need urgent government action at all levels to reverse plastic waste entering our ocean environment. Council could update and better monitor gross pollutant traps and state and federal governments could apply policies designed by the Greens that would holistically address this major issue. 

beach user resilience

As a coastal region, we engage with the ocean in a range of ways that can increase conflict. As our population grows from new arrivals and holiday or itinerant visitors, we all have a choice to welcome new arrivals or behave agressively. This choice can be helped with clear signage about surf etiquette across the Coffs Coast or improving lifeguard surveillance during peak times. Developing a strong beach safety culture assists those who may experience trouble but also builds peace in our community with stronger, healthier and more trustworthy connections. Coffs Harbour Greens want to see Council and the State government implement widespread beach user resilience programs that assist our existing ocean-side communities to strengthen our tolerance in a time of population disruption.

about me

Fishing is a way for me to connect to my food and planet.

I believe responsible fishing above all, respects life!

As Coffs Harbour Greens current convener, It’s important to share with supporters that I am an avid fisher who has grown up fishing. I enjoy catching my own food but the best part for me is the intimacy and love I have with all ocean lifeforms. Death just so happens to be part of the food chain and when fishing is responsible it is sustainable.

Jonathan Cassell with 10kg King Fish
Man Fishing Coffs Coast