The creative industries are fundamental to the wellbeing of all Australians and should be valued as integral to Australia’s cultural heritage

Community Venue shortfall

The lack of an affordable and adequate rehearsal space has been a problem for many years that has been made worse due to Covid-19 restrictions. With the new rules and the rise in cost of school halls (the most common rehearsal space in the past), and the cost and availability of council owned venues, e.g Cavanbah Hall, has impacted local theatre productions.  For both plays and musicals, there are usually 3 rehearsals per week for 3 months or more, which can cost these community groups upwards of $160 a week, and the venues are often not appropriate acoustically or spatially. The state government and council are failing our community and we call on them to support the people who entertain us!

Grow our creative industries

A focus is needed to connect large businesses with creative industry leaders to overcome issues resulting from audiences that have to travel to visit artists works, exhibitions, festivals, and performances. Coffs Harbour  plays second fiddle to Sydney and the State government can support the creative industries to boost infrastructure, networking groups, partnerships and to develop audiences. The industry can be further supported by educating local businesses and groups on the fundamentals of what is the creative industries.

As more people move to Coffs Harbour, we will attract more creative industry types but we need to create the infrastructure to make Coffs Harbour attractive to these sea/tree changers. Government should also provide venues with access to grants allowing them to maintain live performances with fewer patrons and to production companies that cannot afford to mount productions with seating restrictions in place.

Performance Centre needed

The lack of a Performing Arts Centre is a long standing grievance among local artists and the greater community. The Glasshouse at Port Macquarie is as good as you would find in a major city. Coffs Harbour is in need of such a facility that can support state theatre company or international productions where youth can gather ideas and base their future aspirations upon. The state and local government need to fast-track a performance arts centre in a location that best suits the needs of the community.

A future for young artists

There is currently no known mentorship or educational programs in our community that bring in well known national and international artists to train, educate and talk to youth about creating a business from arts and how they pursue their dreams as an artist such as game developers, musicians, lighting sound and video designers, actors, cinematographers, VFX artists, painters, dance, theatre performers, web designers and developers. Also a lot of youth from this area currently do not have financial access to partake in art exhibitions, courses, and other arts activities and this barrier makes our community health poorer.

Greens want to Re-create Australia!

The Greens plan to re-create Australia by:

Creating Australia’s Future – A $300 million program that would see an Artist in Residence in every school and library across the country.

Billion Stories Fund – an Australian content fund that will help kick start Australia’s screen industry and tells Australian stories.

Australia Live – A $1 billion grants fund to inject money into Australia’s festival, music and live performance sector.