Housing is a basic need, like healthcare and education. Access to a secure home should not depend on how much money you have.

Housing Jobs

The housing and construction industry in Coffs Harbour is a major employer and we all benefit from a well trained and experienced housing industry. The Greens recognise that we need to increase social housing to better plan and support sections of our growing population who are facing increasing housing stress. The challenge is to make sure that we have a balance between new housing stock and the renovation and maintenance of existing homes. Coffs Harbour Council’s compact model city approach can help alleviate housing stress and support jobs as well as preserve and maintain native vegetation and habitat.  

Smaller block size

By making a percentage of land sizes smaller, Council can work with developers to provide lot sizes specifically tailored to low-income persons. Council should be socially planning for people and not simply seeking to capitalise on developer contributions. The Coffs Harbour Greens want to see more people own their own homes at affordable rates so they can grow a garden, live comfortably and raise their family safely. We also would welcome smart designed housing that encourages an outdoor lifestyle and reduces a households environmental footprint.

housing reserves

We welcome the building of more accommodation reserved for students and low-income earners. These could be council zoned reserves which could improve the liveability and equity in our city. These, we believe, could provide areas where millennials or women over 55 could access designated and affordable accommodation helping them remain in the area.

Housing Flexibility

The first place someone may resort to living is in their car if they are confronted with domestic violence or rental eviction. We should allow people to live in their cars or vans on council land with sanitation infrastructure available. This can have several benefits from supporting people as they look for accommodation and stimulate our economy. It also can alleviate conflict between tourists and locals when people traveling in their van stay in our region. A moveable dwelling policy would guide affordable housing needs in the short term.

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Universal Housing

Greens will build 300,000 social homes. Just like Medicare and public schooling, everyone will be able to apply for social housing. Secure tenancy with rent capped at 25% of income.