Greens Standing up for Koalas

Our forests are under threat from industrial scale logging at a scale never before seen. In an era when our forests are facing growing challenges from climate change, species extinction and habitat fragmentation, our forests need all the help they can get. While old trees are far and few between in Pine Creek SF, they are an essential part of the forest landscape and need to be protected. Pine Creek SF is the latest forest to face the chopping block and we need as many people as possible calling and writing to our state MP demanding we see change in how our forests are managed. Click the image for the story!

Coffs Council Election Launch

There is no secret our community are struggling through a difficult economic period that is further exacerbating the housing and homelessness crisis. Coffs Greens believe that we need more jobs in the area to help alleviate financial pressure especially for our young people. We caught the eye of NBN News in Coffs Harbour and they covered our exciting $5M jobs package along with other candidates Tony Judge and Dean Evers. Select the picture to see the story!

Locked Out

Homelessness in Coffs Harbour is expected to get worse as unemployment continues to effect those most vulnerable. Coffs Harbour Greens reacted to Coffs Harbour Council’s erection of a security fence at the Community Village to manage anti-social behaviour. We believe more needs to be done to reduce homelessness in Coffs Harbour instead of making it harder for those doing it tough. See Prime 7 Coffs Harbour report in January 2021.

Housing Affordability

Housing prices are often determined by the price of the land and so large housing developments can reduce the costs of house and land packages with smart design on smaller blocks. Council can implement development controls for the establishment of smaller blocks so as to meet sound development principles and community expectations. Small or tiny houses should be allowable for those who can not afford or explicitly need a large house. Click Prime 7’s image for news story!!

Your voice is powerful. Volunteer today!

State Government Campaign 2019

The Great Koala National Park and employment opportunities are what candidate Jonathan Cassell promised to fight for in the 2019 State Election campaign for the seat of Coffs Harbour. He was joined by then Greens MP Justin Field to announce his candidacy at the Jetty Foreshores while surrounded by Greens supporters. The Great Koala National Park would create many new jobs and stimulate existing industries such as hospitality and tourism. The Greens want to see our community thrive while protecting our natural environment. Click the image to see our campaign launch!!!