Regional Employment & Investment Strategy

A healthy local economy creates employment that is both beneficial to human society and the living world we depend upon. The Coffs Harbour Council can stimulate the local economy through a range of initiatives that encourage growth and development in particular industries such as the Horticulture sector or through Restoration Ecology. The Coffs Greens are passionate about creating employment opportunities that are good for people and the planet.

Green New Deal

A Green New Deal is a government-led plan of massive investment and action to build a clean economy and a caring society. Under a Green New Deal, the government takes the lead in creating new jobs and industries, getting to zero-emissions as soon as possible and delivering universal services to ensure nobody is left behind. Learn more about the Green New Deal here!

Youth Employment Opportunites

The household service industry, which employs around 25, 000 locals and includes a wide range of services from lawn mowing to the arts to mechanics, would benefit greatly across the board from a large ecotourism industry such as what the proposed $1.2B Great Koala National Park and mountain biking investment offers. Young people on the Coffs Coast can not rely on the diminishing jobs in the Forestry Industry but need the State Government to generate innovative employment solutions that have far reaching benefits. We need to rethink who our economy benefits and why we need a change. See the Great Koala National Park’s economic study here!