Candidate History


State Election 2019

Jonathan Cassell was the Coffs Harbour Greens candidate for the 2019 State election and ran on a ticket of social and environmental justice. Jonathan endorsed the Great Koala National Park as a economic and environmental priority that would create jobs and protect NSW native forests. As a High School teacher, Jonathan is deeply concerned by the high levels of unemployment particularily in our youth. Jonathan promised to tackle the youth unemployment rate of 23% with a personal commitment of giving half of his parliamentary salary to Youth Services, which would have equated to $80K. See news here!

Council Elections 2016

Dr Sally Townley lead a strong team to the Council elections including Craig Christie, Jonathan Cassell and Mark Graham. Sally maintained her Councillor position as a well respected incumbant from the previous term of local government. During this term, however, Sally resigned her membership from the Coffs Harbour Greens to run as an independent candidate in the 2019 State Election and we accepted Sally’s decision in good faith. The Greens have policy depth across social, environmental and economic management that supports and guides candidates and we believe is a sign of confidence in the Greens party. See NSW Greens policies here!

State Election 2015

Craig Christie was Coffs Harbour Greens 2015 State Election candidate and ran on a platform of transparency and accountability. Craig utilised his strong business acumen and brought to the Green’s team his extensive experience as a Business Process Specialist and Business Manager. Working with large local and multi-national firms as an IT and Business consultant has exposed him to quality governance and accountability practices that he strongly believes should be reflected in Government practices. See news here!

Council Elections 2012

Sally Townley ran as lead candidate alongside Mark Graham, Craig Christie and Aina Ranke. The campaign was successful in promoting Sally Townley as Councillor replacing Mark who had decided to run second on the ticket. The team ran a strong campaign dedicated to ensuring the delivery of services and good governance outcomes for the Coffs Harbour electorate. 

Image Credit: Coffs Coast Advocate

Council Elections 2008

Mark Graham became Councillor for Coffs Harbour in 2008 after a strong campaign to be the first elected representative for the Coffs Harbour Greens. As a renowned ecologist, Mark represented our community enthusiastically bringing about greater recognition for environmental protection, economic fairness and social well being. Mark asserted his place on Council with his passion and determination to shift Coffs Harbour to greater levels of sustainability. Coffs harbour Greens acknowledge his hard work and appreciate his time dedicated to Greens politics. See news here!

Image Credit: Coffs Coast Advocate

Founding Member Aina Ranke

Aina Ranke is remembered as a founding member of the Coffs Harbour Greens. Aina was a lover of nature and its beauty and was determined to see the political system evolve to become a healthier version that would prioritise our environment. Aina was a dedicated Greens party member for many years joined by other members John Courcier and Elaine Sherwood who helped establish the Coffs Harbour Greens independently from the Mid-North Coast Greens. The Coffs Greens wouldn’t be the force it is today without the vision and hard work of previous members such as Aina who passed away in 2013.

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