Youth Disadvantage

Young people are our future but the reality for many young people they experience hardship and social exclusion to early in life. Coffs Harbour Greens have called on Council to create a Youth Strategy that specifically targets young people, their issues and how we as a community respond. We believe that young people need to be central to any  adopted strategy!

Growing our Creative Arts Industry

The arts and creative industries are extremely important to the cultural and social well being of community. Their role in community engagement goes way beyond mere entertainment and are critical for developing who we such as our identity, our networks and reimagining our world and our place in it. The degree of tolerance in a society can be attributed to the quality of the stories and experiences we share. These experiences are primarily delivered through a range of media and so we need local people telling local stories through community theater, music, creative writing, visual arts and other creative industries.

Housing and Homelessness

Housing is a human right especially when we consider the importance of providing an adequate standard of living to every person. The Greens NSW believe every person has the right to access affordable, safe, secure, healthy, community-oriented housing that is appropriately designed, constructed and located, and environmentally responsible. Coffs Harbour’s recent housing crisis is deeply worrying and the Coffs Greens are calling on Council to implement a Homelessness Strategy and the state government to provide more social housing.

Stronger Community

Our community requires proactive decision making processes that respects why people want to live in Coffs Harbour. As we are transitioning away from a high-carbon economy, council and the state government have a role to play in reducing community emissions, reducing electricity costs and increasing the healthy and well being of our environment. The future we want to create requires consuming less, wasting less and building resilience into our local economy. The Greens work hard at all levels of government to make our society smarter!