Our environment sustains all life. It should be enjoyed and protected. We need to hand over a healthy planet for future generations.

Native Forest Logging

We have a major crisis in our local forests as they face increasing stress from land use mismanagement and climate change. The forests of the mid-north coast are direct decedents from the period of Earth’s history when Gondwanaland still joined Africa, South America and Antarctica. These continuents began their break-up 180 million years ago and Australia in particular represents an ark of rare and endemic plants and animals. The State owned Forestry Corporation, unfortunately, only see the trees and not this ancient forest that all Australians depend on for a stable climate, regular rainfall patterns and wildlife. We need a new land use approach such as outlined by the NSW Greens Forests Policy.

Mountain Bike Tourism

Mountain biking around Australia is booming with the sport receiving a major boost with positive publicity. Now what could a region like the Coffs Coast offer mountain biking tourism with our round year weather conditions ideal for biking. The Coffs Coast also supports incredible trail potential with all skill levels catered. It has been economically valuated that ecotourism is a large jobs producer and with the Great Koala National Park Coffs Harbour would become regional mountain biking and tourism centre providing an expanding number of jobs in hospitality and accommodation while respecting our native forests.

We all love koalas

With news that a 2020 NSW Parliamentary committee into our states koalas has found that koalas will be extinct before 2050 unless governments act urgently is shameful. The koala is iconic and endemic to Australia. With time running out to protect the species in the wild, the National party are concerned with their own political self-interest. The opportunity to protect koalas and has failed to inspire conservative MPs to act in a meaningful way such as designing carbon farming incentives to subsidise farmers and protect habitat. We all have a responsibility to act to save this threatened species from extinction.

Indigenous Joint Management

Coffs Harbour Greens support the rights of the Gumbaynggirr community to lead in the development of appropriate ecological management systems for local National Parks with the aim of Joint Management.

According to the NSW Greens policy, we would amend the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 to remove the responsibilities for the cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians from the NPWS and facilitate greater participation by Indigenous Australians in overall park management. See our policy here!