Grow the Grower Initiative

“We believe that growing food in the Coffs Harbour electorate is something we have a strong history with and why don’t we as a community continue to support and invest in our growers.”

Jonathan Cassell
– Mayoral Candidate

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Our catchments are in crisis. Have you ever heard of […]
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A future for all of us

The Greens have a vision for a fairer, more sustainable Australia.

Environmental Protection

Economic Green New Deal

Social Equality

Strengthen Democracy


Beginning in 2007

The Coffs Harbour Greens are drawn together by a common purpose to create a sustainable future. We align with the Greens political movement that has grown quickly around the world initiated by Tasmanian forest movement of the 80’s and 90’s. See more about our story here!

Coffs Harbour Greens Office Bearers and Supporters 2020


Coffs Harbour Greens acknowledge that Australia has been established on lands stolen from First Nations people. We witness your suffering. We believe in your resilience and cultural strength. This land was and always will be Gumbaynggirr country.

Yarri Yarrang !!!