The Federal Government has promised $150 million for battling Domestic Violence across Australia. While this is good news, is it enough and how much will NSW receive?

“Social isolation is a tactic used in domestic and family violence by perpetrators, and this will make homes very unsafe for people in danger,” Warrina Domestic and Family Violence Services CEO Charlotte Young said.  (Advocate 24th March)

This funding could be used for emergency accommodation as it has for keeping people at risk isolated through the pandemic.

Recently, the Coffs Harbour Greens sent a letter to our local state member, Gurmesh Singh asking what the NSW government is doing about the rising numbers of DV.

He replied with a list of what agencies are available for the victims of DV as well as the programs that are in place to help the perpetrators and the children caught up in this horrific tragedy.

The Greens would like to know what measures are in place to safeguard against coercive abuse which often escalates to physical abuse?
Also, with the Covid-19 pandemic still keeping people isolated, it is paramount that extra emergency funding be readily available for those in need.

Statistics compiled by the White Ribbon organisation show that DV is the leading cause of homelessness for women and families.

Therefore having a safe haven for victims is essential. These statistics also show there are more DV cases in regional and remote NSW so we must be vigilant here in Coffs Harbour.

A new parliamentary inquiry into this scourge has been announced less than a fortnight after a Senate inquiry into domestic violence drew fierce criticism for wrapping three months early, having not taken any submissions or held public hearings.

Alison McDonald, chief executive of Domestic Violence Victoria, said while it will give survivors a fresh opportunity to “have their voices heard” on Australia’s scourge of abuse, issues such as Australia’s lack of affordable housing — “One of the greatest barriers to victims seeking freedom from violence” — the vulnerability of victims on temporary visas and the lack of support in the legal system need to be addressed urgently.

The Federal Government has just announced a $688 million Home Builder grant program for home builders and renovators but nothing for those needing affordable housing.

Anrows data on violence against women show that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women experience higher rates of violence with significant health impacts.

What culturally appropriate programs are in place that specifically aim at dealing with their special needs?

The Coffs Harbour Greens are currently undergoing a review of the NSW Greens Policy on DV, a vile illness that must be tackled head on before it gets out of hand in these stressful times.

The ramifications of DV on grandparents and siblings as well as the medical and health issues associated with drug dependency cannot be understated.

If you have any questions that you would like to direct to Mr Singh then you can contact him at [email protected]

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