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Our Mayoral Candidate

Lead Candidate

Mr Jonathan Cassell

About me

Employed as a teacher with the NSW Department of Education, I am running for the Mayor of Coffs Harbour to better the outcomes of all who live here with a particular focus on our young people. I am committed to creating job opportunities, easing the housing crisis and preserving our natural environment.

Coffs Harbour is at a point of change with the bypass, population growth and cost of living all immediate pressures we are experiencing. We need a leader in Council who will deliver ecologically sustainable development and smart economic growth.

  • High School Teacher
  • Council Committee Member
  • Community Leader

Territory Educated, Professional, Active listener, Environmentalist, Political Economist, Sportsman, Cultural Creative, Philosopher

Our Team

Committed, educated, experienced and with economic credentials, our team of councillor candidates have a range of skills that will create a better Coffs Harbour specialising in community services, environmental science, community arts and small business.

Natalie Stevens


A previous Councillor on Pittwater Council and employed in Community Services, Natalie brings a wealth of experience as a candidate.

Timothy Nott


An environmental scientist, Tim is well recognised for his strong understanding and experience in public policy at all levels of government.

Maureen Burgess


As a long term community theatre leader, Maureen brings a strong drive for our arts community. She is also a small business owner.

We stand for a respectful economy, cohesive society and a strong and healthy environment

We are the team that cares!

We care about a respectful economy, we can about social cohesion and we care are a strong and healthy environment.




Council can make houses cheaper by working with developers to provision for lot sizes that are specifically tailored to low-income persons. The people who often have the greatest need are sidelined by economic decisions. We should, then, be planning for people and not profits. The Coffs Harbour Greens want to see more people own their own homes at affordable rates so they can grow a garden, live comfortably or raise their family safely. Please read our housing submission here!


We welcome the building of more accommodation reserved for students and low-income earners. These could be council zoned reserves which could improve the liveability and equity in our city. These, we believe, could provide areas where millennials or women over 55 could access designated and affordable accommodation helping them remain in the area.


The first place someone may resort to living is in their car if they are confronted with domestic violence or rental eviction. Council could allow people to live in their cars or vans in a safe environment with sanitation infrastructure available. This can have many benefits from supporting people as they look for new or temporary accommodation. It also can alleviate conflict between tourists and locals when people traveling in their van stay in our region. This moveable dwelling accommodation would be inexpensive, secure and actively managed to the highest standards.




Coffs Harbour’s creative industries bring to our regions economy many benefits. Coffs Harbour City Council have historically recognised the value arts and culture bring to our region and this must continue. This prioritisation on arts in Coffs Harbour has been driven primarily through rigorous community consultation and adopted in the MyCoffs Strategic Plan – Theme: Community Wellbeing. As Greens, we support our local artists.


The Arts bring us together. It makes our community safer, healthier and more tolerant. When the closing film at this years 2021 Screenwave International Film Festival closed, I felt excited by the new level of tolerance influencing Coffs Harbour and our cultural perspective. Films like Mogul Mowgli, live theatre or cultural dance by the Wajaarr Ngaarlu Dancers outside the Council administration building can inspire us to be kinder and more respectful. As Greens, we support cultural diversity.


Coffs Harbour has a vibrant and networked arts community that value professional and amateur cultural creatives. The development of public infrastructure goes to the heart of instituting well resourced arts facilities and we believe that a coordinated effort between government and industry leaders is required to support participation in arts from the person on the street through to the professional creative leader engaged in high-cost productions. As Greens, we support Council’s Entertainment Venue Scooping Study.